Medical – Brain Injury Resources

This list of Internet links has been compiled from various journals and sites. Please review our disclaimer. It is not the purpose of this site to provide legal advice and the information in the site and on the links are not guaranteed to be up to date, complete or accurate. They are merely provided as a courtesy for informational purposes. The Law Offices of Robert Bruce Arnold hopes you will find these resources as helpful as we do. Please click on title below to proceed to appropriate category.

  • American Academy of Neurology
    The review of neurological conditions as well as neurology related links.
  • American Association of Neuroscience Nurses
    Organizational information as well as hot links to neurological sites on the world wide web.
  • Hydrocephalus Association
    Newsletter articles and organizational information.
  • Journal of Neuroscience Online
    An expanded directory of treatment facilities and survivors of brain injury;
    past articles from Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation; and a searchable database.
  • The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
    Access to current neurological news articles, abstracts, diseases, patient education and more.
  •  Neuro Trauma Law Nexis
    Electronic neuromedical journal – fee based.
  • Society for Neuroscience
    Neuroscience Society publications.Information resource for understanding the legal system’s involvement in brain and spinal cord injury cases: glossary of terms.
  • Whole Brain Atlas
    Images of various medical conditions neuro-imaging primer and a searchable site.