Results of Some Past Cases
* These are illustrative of the types of cases we handle and are not a guarantee of any outcome. See disclaimer below.

Insurance Bad Faith

Client’s car stolen, insurance company denied claim. $460,000.00 recovered.

Client’s truck stolen, insurance company dragged out claim and delayed repairs. $90,000.00 recovered.

Client’s underinsured motorist claim not handled properly by insurance company. Insurance company obtained release from her for less than reasonable amount. We filed suit on her behalf for bad faith handling of claim. Obtained an additional $175,000.00.

Disability insurer cut-off policyholder’s monthly benefits of $1,500.00 and said policyholder was capable of returning to work. $286,600.00 recovered.

Client’s disability benefits cut after insurance company had him followed around and took pictures of him working. $185,000.00 recovered.

Client’s disability claim denied. We were successful in getting insurance company to pay all past benefits due, and then recovered an additional $80,000.00 for the delay and manner the claim was handled.

Product Liability

Client had toe cut-off by lawnmower. $209,686.00 recovered.

Client injured when ski boot broke. Injuries to the knee, back, and neck. $150,000.00 recovered.

Client hit on the head by rear hatch SUV. Head injuries. $300,000.00 recovered.

Artificial vein graft implanted in client, deteriorated and necessitated replacement. Confidential settlement.

Client’s eye injured by hedge trimmer. $280,000.00 recovered.

Airbag failed to inflate in head-on collision. Death case. Confidential settlement.

Deep fat fryer tipped over. Client’s legs burned. $230,000.00 recovered.

Chair broke. Aggravated client’s back condition. Confidential settlement.

Premises Liability

Truck driver at a warehouse hit by fork lift. Shoulder injury. $287,500.00 recovered.

Client injured ankle when walking across unstable pathway stepping stones. $110,000.00 recovered.

Client , a minor , suffered a broken femur as a result of a defective condition on premises. Settled for an amount in excess of $400,000.00 .

Client a 77 year old man tripped and fell on sidewalk suffering a spinal injury. Liability disputed. $1million dollars recovered.

Inadequate Security

Client’s door kicked open and client attacked in his motel room. $135,000.00 settlement.

Auto Accident

Retired elderly man hit head-on by another driver. Neck and shoulder injuries. $250,000.00 judgment obtained.

Client hit by drunk driver. Neck and back injury. Insurance company initially offered $12,000.00. Case settled for $80,000.00 on the eve of trial.

Client hit from behind while stopped at an intersection. Defendants claimed low impact and disputed impact was sufficient to have caused her injury.She underwent back surgery and did not make a good recovery. She had to undergo a second back surgery.  Settled for $800,000.00.

Client injured neck in auto accident. Insurance company offered less than $5,000.00 before client retained our office. $200,000.00 settlement.

Client injured neck in intersection accident. Had neck surgery a year later. Recovered $500,000.00

Client sustained low back injury in auto accident. Did not have surgery. Settled for $250,000.00

Client injured in auto accident. Insurance company offered $700.00 before client retained our office, and then rejected our $30,000.00 policy limits demand. $188,000.00 judgment obtained. Insurance company paid $160,000.00.

Client knocked down by pickup truck that was backing up. Abrasions to leg and scarring . About $10,000.00 in medical bills. Recovered $275,000.00

Auto collision. Client retained our office after another attorney filed the lawsuit in Limited Jurisdiction (for cases under $25,000.00). We moved the case to Unlimited Jurisdiction and the case was later settled for $125,000.00.

Wrongful Death . Auto case. Settled for a confidential amount.

Client injured in low impact auto accident. Underwent back surgery. Liability and injury disputed. Settled $450,000.00.

Trucking Accidents

Client rear-ended by truck. Neck and back injuries. Client underwent two back surgeries. $800,000.00 settlement.

Client driving a big rig was rear-ended by another rig. Shoulder and neck injury. $167,000.00 settlement.

Truck driver rear-ended on freeway. Neck injury. $475,000.00 recovered.

Wrongful death. Young girl was a passenger in a car and killed in out of state trucking accident. Mother lived in Mexico. Liability disputed. Settled for $450,000.00

Construction/Oil Refinery

Associate counsel on case where a worker was injured in fall from tank caused by an explosion at an oil refinery. Multiple injuries. Permanent disability. Present day/cash value of settlement in excess of $3.5 million. Total including future payments and attorneys fees in excess of $8 million.

*Every case is different. No guarantees can be made regarding recovery or the outcome of any case. We provide examples to give people an idea of some of the types of cases we handle. We do not believe in the lottery. We believe in personal responsibility. If you have been injured through the fault of someone else and are not being treated reasonably, and are not out trying to get something for nothing, we would be pleased to talk with you.

For over 24 years we have been helping injured people receive reasonable compensation for injuries caused by defective products, auto and trucking accidents, and unsafe conditions on property. We only take cases we believe are reasonable and where there is insurance to pay the claim.

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